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Brand Story

The name "Wonder Mum" embodies the

transformative journey of motherhood. It represents

the awe-inspiring strength that emerges when a

woman embraces her role as a mother. At our

center, we celebrate and empower mothers,

ensuring their journey is joyful, fulfilling, and filled

with unbreakable bonds and cherished moments

with their children.


My name is Master Jin

Master Jin graduated from Hei Long Jiang University as a Traditional Chinese Practitioner majoring in Internal medicine and O&G treatment. She has 10 years clinical experience as a TCM practitioner, in women and child. Her profile includes:​

  • Certified Postpartum Care Instructor, by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran 

  • Bureau head of Postpartum Care Division - the Malaysia Professional Skill Development Association   

  • 10 Years of Experience as Postpartum Care Instructors 

  • International Massage Infant Association Instructor  

  • Developed and Curated Professional Confinement Course in Malaysia, in collaboration with Kuala Lumpur Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute       

  • Trained more than 300 confinement nannies 

  • Consulted several confinement centers on their setup & operations            

  • Finalist of 2018 Top 100 Biz Race          

  • 2020 Become a Lincoln University Appointed Postnatal Care Industry Trainer 2020

  • 2022 Become the President of the Malaysian Postnatal Care Association (MADAM)

  • Featured and interviewed in: 

    • Astro TV program "Women's Good Health" in Feb 2016

    • Astro TV program " Health 123" in Apr 2017  

    • The Edge Media in 2018

    • Astro TV program " People's Doctor" in June 2019 

    • TV2 program " Frontline Window " in Sep 2019  

    • 2021 《Global Fortune》 Issue The Future of Visiting Vocational Education

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