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Posnatal Meal

At Wonder Mum, we practice a unique fusion between traditional Chinese confinement care and professional medical care, thus bringing the best of traditional confinement care from the East and modern medicine from the West to provide the ideal care for mother and their little ones.


Nourishing Postnatal Meal Sets for Healthier, Happier Adults

We offer a nutritious and healthy meal set for all our clients, designed to help new mothers get back to their pre-pregnancy weight in a healthy way. Our postnatal meal sets include a variety of healthy meals that are customized to cater to each individual's needs. We believe that a healthy diet is essential for the postnatal recovery process, and we are committed to providing the best possible care for our clients.

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Satisfy Your Postnatal Cravings with Steam Eggs

Our Steam eggs dishes for postnatal care are carefully crafted with the needs of new moms in mind. Our dishes are packed with protein and essential nutrients which are essential during this time of recovery. Our chefs ensure that the dishes are not only healthy, but also tasty to ensure that new moms enjoy their meals and feel nourished.

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