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At Wonder Mum, we practice a unique fusion between traditional Chinese confinement care and professional medical care, thus bringing the best of traditional confinement care from the East and modern medicine from the West to provide the ideal care for mother and their little ones.


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Our central kitchen are ready to serve you with fresh ingredients, healthy yet nutritious in mind

Our postnatal care service at Central Kitchen is dedicated to providing new mothers with the essential nutrition they need during this time of change and transition. We offer a complete meal service that is tailored to your individual dietary needs and preferences. Our team of expert chefs prepares each meal with fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring you receive a well-balanced diet that promotes postnatal recovery and overall health. Trust us to provide you with the nourishment you need to feel your best.

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Lunch time is served with our delicious and healthy good portion

Wonder Mum Specialist Center is dedicated to providing new mothers with the best possible postnatal care. From our personalized services to our special design lunch set, we strive to ensure that you receive the care and support you need to recover quickly and bond with your newborn. Come and experience our services today!

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